• DigiVET - Creating Digital Content with the Utilization of Free Online Resources

    General Project’s Introduction
    The DigiVET Project aims to address the current challenges of the VET sector that emerged from the transition to the digital era and the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of VET for both trainers and trainees. The pandemic outbreak accelerated the long-expected turn to digital technology in education and training, providing for a reliable solution during these turbulent times, while the VET sector has been disproportionally affected since its strong work-based component does not allow for much flexibility and reliance on digital tools. The need for innovative solutions is even more apparent to motivate learners to seek quality VET opportunities and combat the increasing levels of early leaving.Taking into consideration the challenges faced by VET trainers in their efforts to adapt to the unfolding situation that requires high incorporation levels of digital technology in VET, the DigiVET Project aims to:
    • Build the capacity of VET trainers to adapt their delivery of VET in the digital era, through the incorporation of digital resources and tools, 
    • Support the provision of flexible, high-quality VET, adapted to correspond to the requirements of the digital era and the COVID-19 impact, 
    • Develop an online VET Hub that will provide open access to digital learning resources in various VET sectors, 
    • Motivate VET trainees to select quality VET opportunities that reflect their needs and interests, contributing to personal and professional development.
    • Develop VET trainers’ digital competencies, in particular, the development of digital learning resources for VET